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  • Know you need to occasionally unplug from the busyness and live a more relaxed, simplified life that includes a lot of healthy outdoor activity.
  • Want outdoor activities that keep your family together, that are local and that are easy on the budget.
  • You don’t want to have to go to 7+ different websites to find the information you want!

Human-Powered, Nature-Based Opportunities Abound Here

If you’re like most of us, you’ve been around your own area. Your neighborhood, your city, a few places in your county. But you know there’s a lot more nature out there to explore.

And there is!

The Twin Cities is loaded with:

  • State, regional, county and city parks
  • Nature reserves and natural areas
  • Lakes—hundreds of them
  • Rivers and creeks—Minnesota’s three biggies plus many tributaries

Almost all of these are open to some kind of human-powered, nature-based outdoor recreation. There’s hiking, running, biking, paddling, camping, cross country skiing, snowshoeing.

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We’re here to direct you to a park or trail, a river or lake near you. Whether it’s after school or work, or for a few hours on the weekend—you can get out and get moving!

Maybe you’ve hit all the spots on your side of town and want to know where to go across the city, or to a neighboring county. Here are some ideas for you as you branch out to other parts of the Cities.

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Are you an outdoor lover visiting the Twin Cities?

You’re in for a treat! No matter what season you come, you’ll find a trail, or park, or body of water—even if you never leave the Minneapolis/St. Paul city limits.

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We talk about specific parks, trails, paddling spots and more. We review gear, highlight local outdoor businesses and organizations. We like to talk about fitness, health and wholeness for the whole family.

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