Hiking & Running Trails in Dakota County

hiker in lebanon hills
Hiking trail in Lebanon Hills Regional Park

Dakota County has six regional and county parks. What’s nice about them is they offer more natural surface trails than any other county. That means a much more relaxing hike or run than when you constantly have to be alert for traffic on wheels!

Take advantage of their Park maps being on Avenza PDF Maps app and you can track your progress as you go.

Lake Byllesby Regional Park, Cannon Falls

The folks here at Lake Byllesby managed to fit over 3 miles of hiking trails in this small Park, plus another 2/3 mile paved trail if you feel more ambitious. Here’s the map.

Lebanon Hills Regional Park (Eagen/Apple Valley)

Lebanon Hills, at 2,000 acres, is one of the largest regional parks in the Twin Cities and offers a fantastic trail system, including almost over 20 miles of hiking trails, 8 lakes and a couple ponds.

The Park is divided between an east and west section, with Pilot Knob Road splitting the two. Here’s the map. The first page shows the west side with its 5.58 miles of trails. Scroll down and you’ll find the map for the east side with an additional 14.84 miles.

And here’s another map—a topographical, high-resolution map of both sections (be patient as it takes awhile to load!).

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Miesville Ravine Park Reserve, Miesville

1,600-acre Miesville has a small section with 2-1/4 miles of hiking trails along either Trout Brook or the Cannon River. Here’s the map.

Spring Lake Park Reserve, Hastings/Rosemount

This Reserve offers 4.39 miles of hiking trails with another 6 miles of paved trails. Here’s the map.

Thompson County Park, West St. Paul

This little 57-acre park is great if you’re looking for a shorter run or hike. Thompson has just under 3 miles of trails if you combine the hiking and paved trails together. Here’s the map.

Whitetail Woods Regional Park, Farmington

Whitetail Woods, a 456-acre park, offers over 20 miles of hiking trails. That includes the 10.6 mile Lone Rock Trail that has a “lane” for horses, too. You’ll walk through wetlands, woods, rolling hills and around Empire Lake. Here’s the Whitetail Woods map.

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