Paddling in Scott County


Scott County has paddling opportunities in several of its parks as well as a section of the Minnestoa State Water Trail.

There are no fees unless noted. Some rentals are available, and are noted.

Cedar Lake Farm Regional Park (New Prague)

Cedar Lake is large—780 acres, which means a LOT of shoreline to explore. You can portage your boat from the parking lot to the lakeshore. Canoe, kayak and paddleboard rentals are available. Here’s the Cedar Lake Park map.

Cleary Lake Regional Park (Prior Lake)

Cleary Lake Regional Park provides quiet paddling opportunities on Cleary Lake. No gas motors or wake are allowed on this 137-acre lake. Rentals are available. Here’s the Cleary Lake Park map.

Minnesota River State Water Trail

The Minnesota River forms the border between several counties, including Scott County. All 318 miles of the river is a State Water Trail. It’s gentle current passes through varied landscape from marsh to bluffs. Here’s the map (it takes awhile to load…be patient!)

Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve (Savage)

70 acres of paddling are available on Murphy Lake in Murphy-Hanrehan. The shoreline offers a lot of nooks and crannies to explore, and with no gas motors allowed, will be nice and quiet. No rentals.  You’ll need to pay a parking fee if your vehicle has a trailer. Here’s the map.

Spring Lake Regional Park (Prior Lake)

While Spring Lake Park is used mostly for its paved trails and dog park, there’s access to Spring Lake for paddling, as well as a lot to park. Here’s the map.

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