Skiing & Snowshoeing in Ramsey County

Ramsey County and the City of Saint Paul maintain 60 km of groomed cross country ski trails at several of their parks. Three of Ramsey County’s parks have designated snowshoe trails. And there’s plenty of off-trail options, too, if you don’t mind a harder workout!

cross country ski tracks

Starting in the winter of 2022/23, Ramsey County will have its own ski pass (details here). The DNR’s Minnesota Ski Pass will no longer be valid on their trails. And note that only ski traffic is allowed on these trails: no snowshoeing or skijoring (or winter hiking).

The City of St. Paul grooms ski trails on three of its golf courses. The mutual ski pass with Ramsey County/Saint Paul will now be required for these trails, too.

Battle Creek Regional Park East (Maplewood)

Battle Creek Regional Park East is a part of 1,840 acres of forest, prairie and wetlands surrounded by urban development. The Park maintains 6 km of groomed classic cross country ski trails, both easy and more difficult. No rentals are available. Here’s the Battle Creek East winter map.

Battle Creek Regional Park West (Saint Paul)

Battle Creek West is the other part of the 1,840 acres. There’s a separate cross country ski trail system here that’s one of the best in Ramsey County. There are 13 km of groomed trails altogether, from easy to advanced. 7 of those kilometers are rated as difficult, including 3 km of the lighted trails. Here’s the Battle Creek West winter map.

There are ski events here regularly, so you may want to check the calendar before you head out (partnership with Endurance United’s Urban Trail Series).

Como Golf Course (Saint Paul)

Como Golf Course has almost 7 km of groomed cross country ski trails, including a 1.7 km lighted trail for night skiing that’s great for beginners. The 5 km loop over hill and dale is more challenging. Rental equipment is available at the Como Park Ski Chalet. Here’s the trail map.

Fort Snelling State Park (Saint Paul)

Fort Snelling State Park has great cross country ski trails and snowshoe trails, very convenient to both Minneapolis and Saint Paul residents and visitors. With about 12 miles total, the trails are split between:

  • Groomed for skiing only (specifically, Pike Island)
  • Groomed multi-use for skiing, fat tire biking, snowshoeing and winter hiking (skiers only in the tracks, please)
  • Ungroomed multi-use for skiing, snowshoeing and winter hiking

Snowshoe rentals are available from the Park Office (which is different from the Visitor Center). Ski rentals are not available. Because this is a state park, the DNR’s Minnesota Ski Pass is required, which you can buy at the Park Office. Here’s the Fort Snelling winter map.

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Grass Lake (Shoreview)

Great for a short, leisurely ski that takes you through marsh and woods, 3.8 km. The map doesn’t show it, but there’s also ungroomed but popular skiing/winter hiking from Snail Lake Regional Park (parking on the south end of the lake) that connects to the Grass Lake Trail. No rentals are available. Here’s the Grass Lake winter map.

Highland 9 Golf Course (Saint Paul)

The City of Saint Paul maintains 3.5 km of groomed cross country ski trails at Highland 9 Golf Course that are great for beginning and intermediate skiers. Both classic and skate skiers are welcome. No rental equipment is available. Here’s the trail map.

Maplewood Nature Center (Maplewood)

Maplewood Nature Center’s 1.5 mile trail is open to snowshoers and winter hikers in the snowy months. You’ll walk through scenic woods and frozen wetlands. There are no rentals available. Here’s Maplewood’s year-round map.

Phalen Golf Course (Saint Paul)

You’ll find 7 km of groomed cross country ski trails at Phalen Golf Course for both classic and skate skiing. The rolling hills and distance make it a nice intermediate loop. No rental equipment is available. Here’s the trail map.

Tamarack Nature Center (White Bear Township)

Tamarack Nature Center has 320 beautiful acres through woods, over rolling hills and along frozen wetlands and prairies. There are 8 km of groomed cross country ski trails from beginner to more difficult. Snowshoeing isn’t allowed on the ski trails, but there are three trails designated for snowshoeing and winter hiking.

Rental equipment is available for both skiing and snowshoeing. Here’s the Tamarack winter map.

Vadnais/Sucker Lake Regional Park (Shoreview)

There are a couple of different loops here that start at the same parking area on County Road F. The north 4 km loop goes around Sucker Lake. The south 7 km loop runs down-and-back on the east side of Vadnais Lake.

The south loop is all easy, the north loop has a more difficult section for a bit of a challenge. Here’s the Vadnais/Sucker Lake winter map.

Check on ski trail conditions before you head out on

Ski/shoe guide

Twin Cities Ski & Shoe Guide

Published in 2021, our 55-page digital Ski & Shoe Guide is the easiest way to find cross country ski and snowshoe trails in all seven counties of the Twin Cities metro area.

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Learn to cross country ski and snowshoe!

  • Tamarack Nature Center offers instructional programs, including private and semi-private lessons. Course options are listed under age. Start by clicking here. Or call for details: 651-407-5350.
  • Como Park offers cross country ski group lessons throughout the winter when snow conditions are good. Click here for info (scroll down to Ski & Snowboard Lessons and then click on their current brochure)

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