Hiking & Running Trails in Carver County

Carver County has three regional parks, two of which have a small network of trails for foot traffic. It also is home to Carver Park Reserve, with one of the best trail networks in the Twin Cities.

hiking trail carver park reserve
Some of the best hiking in the Twin Cities is in Carver Park Reserve.

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Note: No vehicle permit is needed for Carver County parks.

Baylor Regional Park (Norwood Young America)

Baylor offers about 4 miles of hiking trails within the Park, through woods and prairie. Here’s the Baylor map. In the winter the trails are used for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Carver Park Reserve (Victoria)

Carver Park Reserve has one of the longest hiking trail systems in the Twin Cities with over 36 miles of trails. That includes 1,700 feet of floating boardwalk through marsh and swamps if you have a strong stomach! Here’s the Carver Park Reserve map.

In the winter there’s a limited amount of unmaintained winter hiking. You’ll share trails with snowshoers. For Carver’s winter map, please go to Carver’s main park page and scroll down to PDF maps.

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Lake Minnewashta Regional Park (Chanhassen)

340-acre Lake Minnewashta Park has grass and natural-surface hiking trails, about 5 miles total. Here’s the Minnewashta map.

wooded hiking trail in minnewashta regional park
A natural-surface trail through dense woods in Minnewashta Regional Park

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Lake Waconia Regional Park (Waconia)

The smallest of Carver’s regional parks, 100-acre Lake Waconia is still under development, with a proposed 169-acre future. So far there are no hiking or running trails in the Park.

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